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Other than the whole baby thing…the newest addition to my life is a small, yet glorious place to create. A space that is entirely my own, to escape, to work, to think, to simply BE. It’s a mess of a space at the moment, with barely a glimmer of natural light, and I do share it with various dilapidated furniture pieces and storage items, but it has potential. And did I mention that it’s mine?


Inside Empty

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with it, and more realistically, what my budget allows me to do with it. In fact, I can’t quite stop thinking about it! I do know that I need to break the space into showroom and work/storage space, but I still want the entirety to express something organized and comfortable. Mostly, however, I want it to be FUN, and since it’s lacking natural light, I want it to be BRIGHT. And I want to infuse as much of me as possible. Some inspiration that I’ve gathered so far…

Drop cloth rug


(rug sold out but I hope to have a DIY coming soon!)

Organized tools.


Organizational heaven!

Can't wait to get old vintage mantle into my space...


Vintage-y delicious vignettes with modern touches and pops of color.


Festive garlands.

Now, if only I could find the time to put it all into action! Working moms, how do you do it…?? (I think a series of interviews is in order!)