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Doesn’t this image somehow make your day a little brighter and your heart a little lighter? I don’t know, it’s just so happy and airy and fun. I stumbled upon this DIY months ago and immediately filed it under my “easy to-do’s” until I realized it involved sewing. Basic sewing skills, mind you, but sewing nevertheless. Since this involves tearing through my crafts, scrounging around the back of my closet, dusting off my sewing machine, and refiguring out how to thread it properly…well, I took the easy road and set out to recreate the festivities sans sewing.

Don’t get me wrong, if you have a machine and know how to use it, I highly recommend taking that route. It makes for a much cleaner garland in which both sides can be displayed. BUT, if you don’t have a machine or prefer to avoid the sewing altogether, like myself, here’s what to do…

Festive Garland DIY

You will need:

  • cardstock in your color(s) of choice
  • twine or yarn
  • scissors
  • glue gun

Trace out your shape on the cardstock using the straight edges of the paper as much as possible. For my triangle garlands, I cut out multiple sizes and simply used them as the template to cut the others. To save time, I also cut multiple pieces at once by cutting through 2-3 pages of cardstock at a time.

Festive Garland DIY 2

(By the way, if you would like to create a circle garland, the bottom of a wine glass is the perfect shape to trace. Perfect for a Girls Craft Night, perhaps?!)

Once you have your desired shapes, pull out your twine, crank up that glue gun, and start gluing. Only a SMALL dab is need at the top and bottom of each shape, and rather than attempting to set the twine by sticking your finger in hot glue, simply hold the twine taught and press down NEAR the dab of glue. Keep gluing and pressing and adding your miscellaneous shape sizes until you have reached your desired length. And viola! Garland complete. I would recommend throwing together 3 or more garlands in various lengths for the full effect.

Festive Garland (1 of 1)

I see so, SO many amazing DIY’s out there that sometimes takes a little more skill and time than I have or am willing to put in. Hopefully this is NOT one of them! So what do you think – easy?


While holiday traveling, house guests, and multiple colds have definitely thrown me for a loop, I’ve been slowly pecking away at the chaos that is my studio. I’ve spent a huge chunk of my time organizing and brainstorming, but things are slowly – very slowly – coming together. Hey, I even managed to paint a piece or two!

Although, now that I have a vision in my head, I’m hoping things will start coming together much more quickly and I can give you guys a full update soon. In the meantime, here are a few of the pieces I’ve been working on…

Diamond Dresser

Piano Bench

Racer Stripe Dresser

Gossip Chair

Obviously the gossip chair in the picture above needs a bit more work – I have some amazing fabric being shipped from Korea as we speak that will push it over the top (in all the good ways)! I also have a fabulous tabletop that is waiting on a set of hairpin legs and a few more miscellaneous pieces that are just a bit too rough to share, but soon my pretties. SOON!


Furniture Feature Friday


Other than the whole baby thing…the newest addition to my life is a small, yet glorious place to create. A space that is entirely my own, to escape, to work, to think, to simply BE. It’s a mess of a space at the moment, with barely a glimmer of natural light, and I do share it with various dilapidated furniture pieces and storage items, but it has potential. And did I mention that it’s mine?


Inside Empty

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with it, and more realistically, what my budget allows me to do with it. In fact, I can’t quite stop thinking about it! I do know that I need to break the space into showroom and work/storage space, but I still want the entirety to express something organized and comfortable. Mostly, however, I want it to be FUN, and since it’s lacking natural light, I want it to be BRIGHT. And I want to infuse as much of me as possible. Some inspiration that I’ve gathered so far…

Drop cloth rug


(rug sold out but I hope to have a DIY coming soon!)

Organized tools.


Organizational heaven!

Can't wait to get old vintage mantle into my space...


Vintage-y delicious vignettes with modern touches and pops of color.


Festive garlands.

Now, if only I could find the time to put it all into action! Working moms, how do you do it…?? (I think a series of interviews is in order!)