I hate to admit it, but there is something refreshing about Winter – the bundling up and the hunkering down, the movie nights on the couch, the mornings spent enveloped in the warmth of the bed or the plushness of a robe, and the cold, dark, starkness of the outdoors, gazed at through frosted windows. I suppose we wouldn’t appreciate the budding warmth of Spring if not for Winter; as we create our comforting isolation in these bitter cold months, we long for the freedom and collectiveness of Summer.

I can’t tell you that Spring is right around the corner – we still have the toughest months ahead of us – but I can tell you that a touch of Spring can be infused into your home no matter the month. A little color and a lot of greenery can lift the spirits like nothing else (well, except sunshine, of course!). And if you’re able to put aside your aversion to the cold, you just may find beauty in the season.

So here’s to some scenery and greenery…

Winter-Interior 1

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Winter-Interior 2

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Winter-Interior 5

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May you make it through these winter months with as much joy as possible!

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