I have to admit, Halloween just isn’t my jam, but now that I have a kiddo I am really trying to force myself to find joy in the festivities. Mind you, the kid is 1 so he’s going to be completely flabbergasted by all the creatures knocking on our door, but if nothing else, it’ll be fun to look back at the photos and see the expressions on his face!

We’re not doing much in the way of decor though. THAT is something I am going to put off as long as possible. I have a hard enough time when I find real spiders in the house, I don’t need to blur this reality with fake ones! And honestly, I can’t stand the smell of pumpkin guts so when we finally do decide to go down that path, I will be wearing nose plugs. I know, such a Debbie Downer. But I am proudly displaying the pumpkins that I do have! Not so scary, but pretty at least. Sometimes the simplest is the best, yes?


So, what am I dressing the Little Dude as? I’m taking the easy (but adorable!) way out and dressing him as a nerd. Yes, we are going to be a family of nerds. Not a huge change from the norm, I guess! We’ll be hittin’ up The Lawn over at UVA and will then probably mosey on over to the neighbors’ house for a little show and tell. And that’s it. I know, we are totally old, boring parents now!

I’ll be posting a few Halloween pics on Instagram if you are interested in following!

I’d love to hear what you and the little dressed up as. It’s amazing how creative people get! Maybe I can store a few ideas away for next year!

Please be safe and have a happy and spooky Halloween!

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