Poor Kid 2

It’s been a doozy of a month folks. Between snow storms, leaking pipes, head colds, and the stomach flu, I’m not sure where the time has gone. I suppose that’s the reality of Winter, but man, I am so happy it’s March! It came in like a lion with this last snow/sleet/ice storm so I am going to be hopeful in saying that it will be going out like a lamb and I now have nothing but sunshine and rainbows to look forward to. Ahhh, how I love you Spring!

I suppose the one good thing that came out of my recent intimacies with the toilet, aka the stomach flu, was my total disregard of the time change. I mean, with the whole family taken down by this bug, I lost days so losing one measly hour didn’t phase me. And since little Grey was the first victim, his sleep routine was already a bit of a mess. So while I can’t say we “lucked out,” we are adjusting better than expected!

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Although, I say adjusting very lightly because really, the kid just doesn’t sleep. He’ll wake up a 2am happy as a clam and ready to party. It’ll take me an hour or more to convince him that really, THERE IS NO PARTY, in which case he’ll begrudgingly agree, fitfully drift off to sleep, and then wake up at 6am ready to party all over again. Where does the energy come from?! And how can I get some?!

Truth be told, I’ve been struggling to find time for myself these days. Not the relax in the tub with a glass of wine kind of time, although that does sound glorious, but the time to get creative and work towards my business ventures kind of time. I’ve tried to piece together tips and suggestions on how other working moms seem to do it all, but I haven’t quite figured it out yet, other than the consistent advice of carving time out in the mornings…do these people not have super early risers and/or non-sleepers?! SO, if you happen to have any tricks up your sleeve to get a kid to sleep in order to carve out this special morning me time, please do tell!

Ok, so now that I’ve vented some of the personal, I actually DO have a little business to share with you…I’ve decided to open a new Etsy shop offering online event and design service! This is a service that offers the best of both worlds: consultation, motivation, and the inspiration to create a space of your dreams, all on your time and budget.

Etsy Shop Screen

I’m still working out the kinks, and I’ll be adding my own furniture and accessory category to the mix soon, but if you are interested in taking a peek, please head on over to the Modage Cottage via Etsy or simply click on my eDesign/Event Services page at the top of the screen. I would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and/or constructive criticism!



Doesn’t this image somehow make your day a little brighter and your heart a little lighter? I don’t know, it’s just so happy and airy and fun. I stumbled upon this DIY months ago and immediately filed it under my “easy to-do’s” until I realized it involved sewing. Basic sewing skills, mind you, but sewing nevertheless. Since this involves tearing through my crafts, scrounging around the back of my closet, dusting off my sewing machine, and refiguring out how to thread it properly…well, I took the easy road and set out to recreate the festivities sans sewing.

Don’t get me wrong, if you have a machine and know how to use it, I highly recommend taking that route. It makes for a much cleaner garland in which both sides can be displayed. BUT, if you don’t have a machine or prefer to avoid the sewing altogether, like myself, here’s what to do…

Festive Garland DIY

You will need:

  • cardstock in your color(s) of choice
  • twine or yarn
  • scissors
  • glue gun

Trace out your shape on the cardstock using the straight edges of the paper as much as possible. For my triangle garlands, I cut out multiple sizes and simply used them as the template to cut the others. To save time, I also cut multiple pieces at once by cutting through 2-3 pages of cardstock at a time.

Festive Garland DIY 2

(By the way, if you would like to create a circle garland, the bottom of a wine glass is the perfect shape to trace. Perfect for a Girls Craft Night, perhaps?!)

Once you have your desired shapes, pull out your twine, crank up that glue gun, and start gluing. Only a SMALL dab is need at the top and bottom of each shape, and rather than attempting to set the twine by sticking your finger in hot glue, simply hold the twine taught and press down NEAR the dab of glue. Keep gluing and pressing and adding your miscellaneous shape sizes until you have reached your desired length. And viola! Garland complete. I would recommend throwing together 3 or more garlands in various lengths for the full effect.

Festive Garland (1 of 1)

I see so, SO many amazing DIY’s out there that sometimes takes a little more skill and time than I have or am willing to put in. Hopefully this is NOT one of them! So what do you think – easy?


Get 'Er Done TO-DO copy

15 months into motherhood, I still find myself a bit scatterbrained  more often than I care to admit. Unfortunately, I can no longer blame hormones or lack of sleep so I’m simply going to blame motherhood and assume that it will be a long term affliction.

To whip myself into some kind of working order, I created what I like to call the Get ‘Er Done! Series (I live in the Shenandoah, surrounded by country, so I guess a little redneck has rubbed off on me…).  This series includes everything I need to keep my personal and business to-do’s within reach and in one place – for me, this is a huge improvement from the handful of moleskins I had scattered about!

I’m going to assume (or maybe hope?) that I’m not the only one out there with my head in the clouds, so to keep us all a little more grounded, I thought I’d share with you what has worked well for me so far…

  • The “Master List” is the mother of all lists, where you can write down anything and everything that needs to be done. You can even create categories to further help you organize your list and stay focused on individual projects:  DOWNLOAD HERE.

*Please note: this list is VERY similar to Meg Biram’s Master List, which is where I received the inspiration. I am offering a single page printable to get you into the groove, but I would highly recommend purchasing her notepad for months worth of list-keeping (and read her blog while you’re at it)!

  • The Master List does wonders for the mind, but after forgetting to purchase multiple supplies in my quest to cross items off of my master list, I realized my need for a separate shopping list. Hence, the To Purchase List was born: DOWNLOAD HERE.
  • The Calendar speaks for itself. I use it to organize my blog posts and write down my top 3 priorities for each day: DOWNLOAD HERE.
  • Since you can really only fit so much on the weekly calendar, I created a Weekly Notes list to compliment it. Think of it as a footnote to your calendar: DOWNLOAD HERE.

And there you have it folks! A no frills and no-holds barred excuse to get organized. Feeling a little less scatterbrained yet?


One of the many, MANY reasons I am looking forward to Spring is the huge to-do list I can finally begin to tackle. I have so many project ideas bouncing around that I fear my head may burst! Most are for the home and studio, but there is a big hunk o’ metal of an idea sitting right outside my home that is taunting me with the hope of warmer weather…

You see, a few months ago I came across an ad on Craigslist for a 1960’s Broken Arrow  – an adorable little trailer that needed  A LOT of love and affection. I wasn’t looking for a trailer, it was something I researched on a whim and there it was, the very first link I clicked. The price was amazing and considering it was also located within a mile of my house, it kind of seemed like it was meant to be (seriously, it’s a little eerie how perfect the timing was). It also seemed a bit too good to be true, but I figured there would be no harm in taking a little peek for myself, right?

Broken Arrow

Well, it may have proved slightly harmful to my wallet because I loved it and decided right then and there that this beaten up piece of metal was coming home with me stat.

It needs a complete overhaul, of course, but it has good bones and I’ve been wanting to try my hand at the renovation process. I also reason that when not in use as a camper, this little trailer could do double duty as a mobile business. Anything to justify a rather impromptu purchase of a large vehicle! (Speaking of, neither of the cars we currently own can actually haul this thing so another less impromptu purchase we will be making this year is a truck…)

Broken Arrow Interior 2

Broken Arrow Interior 1

Broken Arrow 2

I’m not yet sure in what direction I want to head with it, but I do know that I’m not going to skimp on the goods. I’m thinking beautiful wood flooring, a bold backsplash, and a lot of clean, white lines. I see so many vintage trailers with vintage, kind of kitschy décor – totally adorable in their own right – but this time around, I want to lean into the modern aspect of “modage.”

Although, I’m really digging what Mandi over at Vintage Revivals did with her own “Nugget” (she is on my list of girl crushes at the moment – I’m 100% certain that she is a creative genius!):

Vintage Trailer Renovation Makeover

Vintage Trailer Renovation Makeover

Vintage Trailer Renovation-2

(that stove is totes adorbs!)

Vintage Trailer Renovation Makeover

And that floor…holy hell. Genius I say. GENIUS.

Vintage Trailer Renovation

(all Vintage Revival photos can be found here.)

Lucky for me, she has a full series of tutorials that will be serving as my bible come renovation time. Thank you Mandi!

I’m also really into Karen Rosenlund’s version of trailer. Bold on the outside, immaculate on the inside:



Travelling Wares by Kara Rosenlund: interior with seaside theme


What do you think? Do you like the modern mid-century or the bold seaside escape?

Either way, I can’t wait to get started on this little trailer that could, and share with you all the progress!


While holiday traveling, house guests, and multiple colds have definitely thrown me for a loop, I’ve been slowly pecking away at the chaos that is my studio. I’ve spent a huge chunk of my time organizing and brainstorming, but things are slowly – very slowly – coming together. Hey, I even managed to paint a piece or two!

Although, now that I have a vision in my head, I’m hoping things will start coming together much more quickly and I can give you guys a full update soon. In the meantime, here are a few of the pieces I’ve been working on…

Diamond Dresser

Piano Bench

Racer Stripe Dresser

Gossip Chair

Obviously the gossip chair in the picture above needs a bit more work – I have some amazing fabric being shipped from Korea as we speak that will push it over the top (in all the good ways)! I also have a fabulous tabletop that is waiting on a set of hairpin legs and a few more miscellaneous pieces that are just a bit too rough to share, but soon my pretties. SOON!


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