While holiday traveling, house guests, and multiple colds have definitely thrown me for a loop, I’ve been slowly pecking away at the chaos that is my studio. I’ve spent a huge chunk of my time organizing and brainstorming, but things are slowly – very slowly – coming together. Hey, I even managed to paint a piece or two!

Although, now that I have a vision in my head, I’m hoping things will start coming together much more quickly and I can give you guys a full update soon. In the meantime, here are a few of the pieces I’ve been working on…

Diamond Dresser

Piano Bench

Racer Stripe Dresser

Gossip Chair

Obviously the gossip chair in the picture above needs a bit more work – I have some amazing fabric being shipped from Korea as we speak that will push it over the top (in all the good ways)! I also have a fabulous tabletop that is waiting on a set of hairpin legs and a few more miscellaneous pieces that are just a bit too rough to share, but soon my pretties. SOON!


Furniture Feature Friday

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