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I know I’m not the only one out there feeling a bit, well, BLAH right now. When the world is so stark and cold and grey, I get some serious seasonal blues and it makes feeling inspired so damn hard. And to top it off, my little peanut seems to be going through his own seasonal blues (aka: his molars are coming in) and has been fighting sleep like a champ – which means little sleep for Mama. Seriously folks, it feels as though my mind has been stuffed with cotton and I’m pretty certain a family of mice has now moved in.

SO, to force myself to feel a little more inspired, or at least a little less cotton-brained, I’ve been trying to think up ways to lift the spirit. Here’s what I have come up with so far:

1. GREENERY. I think having plants in the home is so important to one’s mental health. Even if you have a black thumb like me, there are still plants out there for you! Go for a cactus or anything labeled “plant of steel.” Or have a few herbs sitting in your kitchen window (you’ll remember to water them when they are staring you in the face while doing the dishes). Even one lonely plant will remind you that there are warmer days ahead and instantly lift the spirit.


2. MILK + TEA. I have recently been substituting tea in place of my coffee. I LOVE me a cup o’ joe, but after having multiple cups on a cold morning, I want to jump out of my skin. Hello caffeine kick! Insert tea. Multiple cups of tea still gives me my caffeine kick but without that that swift kick to the gut. And I feel less guilty (and wired) drinking it ALL. DAY. LONG. Swirl in a little milk and you will almost believe it’s coffee…



3. MUSIC. Instead of curling up on the couch in front of the TV, as one is want to do in 12 degree weather, turn on the ipod and dance your heart out. Not the swaying or tapping of the feet kind of dancing. I mean full on swirling and twirling and stomping and really rockin’ out kind of dancing. When the Peanut and I hit a wall, I pick him up and we get down. You can’t help but laugh when you willingly look like an idiot. And there is  nothing like a little laughter to brighten the day (and since we rock out in front of multiple street-facing windows, I’m sure the neighbor’s get a good laugh too. It’s a win-win!)

Lovely Lady – Whitney Lundeen


4. GIVE YOURSELF HOPE. I try to schedule at least one warm weather vacation somewhere between February and the first week in March. Just the act of searching for that perfect destination and then finally hitting the “book it” button…it warms my soul and ignites a little fire in my heart. From that moment on, no matter how cold and miserable the weather, I can remind myself that a respite from it all is right around the corner. If you’re unable to swing a vacation, create one at home. Crank up the thermostat. Surround yourself with warmth. Pick up everything you will need for a weekend at home and then don’t leave the house again until Monday morning. Drink lots of margaritas. Wear that amazing maxi dress you found on sale at the end of last summer. Put a flower in your hair. A little creativity can give you a lot of HOPE.


5. DON’T HUNKER DOWN. I hunker down in the Winter; it is my go-to defense mechanism. I am loathe to leave the house because it requires way too much work and way too many layers. But I’ve really been trying to amend this and force myself out into that cold air because 1. fresh air is good for you, and 2. loneliness and isolation is not. So pile on the layers and go…somewhere. Take a walk. Run to the gym. Swing by a coffee shop and warm up with a cup o’ joe (or tea). Have lunch with a friend. Go to that happy hour. Whatever. Just get out there and DO. NOT. HUNKER. Remember: a body in motion stays in motion and motion keeps you warm!



6. LOOK AMAZING. Because I tend to hunker down in the winter, I also tend to soften up around the middle. To top it off, my skin hates the cold as much as I do so my glow goes into hibernation mode and I am left with a pasty, scaly, squishy mess (which makes going out into the world even less enticing). I hate to admit it, but when I feel bad about myself, I get lazy. Instead of putting on a fresh pair of clothes in the morning, I’ll throw on a pair of yoga pants and the sweatshirt I wore the day before and call it a day because really, what’s the point otherwise? It’s a vicious cycle and a hard one to break. But break it you (and I) must! With a little extra effort – like slathering on extra moisturizer and putting on a clean set of clothes – confidence can be had. In fact, why not just go all out? Instead of throwing on those yoga pants, slip on that tulle skirt and your sharpest pair of heels. Of course you can’t wear that old sweatshirt with such an amazing skirt so go ahead and wear that awesome tee with your leather jacket. And really, once you’re dressed to the nines you’ve got to have a face to match, so put on that cream foundation and your blushiest blush and give yourself a little mascara and gloss while you’re at it. And voila! You look amazing. And who would want to sit around the house looking like that? So get out there and show yourself off.

Sweet and sexy – for the perfect middle ground between looking sweet and sexy, try wearing your tulle skirt with something that has an edgy vibe like a leather jacket and maybe a pair of leather boots as well. This look is perfect for fall and winter because it will not just make you look stylish but will also keep you warm. You can also add studs and spikes somewhere in your outfit, perhaps in your accessories, if you want to take the edge up a notch and slightly have your outfit touch into ...


7. SMILE. I know, it’s cliché and oh-so-simple, but it works. Plaster on that smile and fake it ‘til you make it. Your emotions get all kinds of confused: I feel sad…but why am I smiling? Should I be happy? Maybe things aren’t so bad after all. Maybe I’m not sad. Maybe I am happy. Yes, that’s it. I am happy.



And there you have it folks.

Tell me, what tips and tricks do you have for fighting the winter blues? I would love to add more to my repertoire!

HELLO 2015…

This will be the best year yet {New years eve printable} - C.R.A.F.T.

(p.s. click on the picture above for a free printable to keep you motivated all year long!)

This year, instead of making a list of resolutions that I am bound to break – yoga and regular runs and healthy cooking and less procrastination and yada, yada, yada – I resolve to experience 2015 with more positivity, gratitude, and courage. Because despite my “glass is half empty” kind of mentality, I actually am a firm believer in positive energy and the laws of attraction. You ARE what you think and you DO attract what you feel. Think positive thoughts and you just may find yourself with luck on your side. Surround yourself with negativity, well girlfriend, prepare yourself for a bumpy ride!

The New Year brings with it such lofty goals and dreams. They start off so shiny and new but, at least in my case, quickly begin to lose their luster. So rather than allowing negativity to creep into my heart with feelings of disappointment for yet again failing in my resolutions, I can simply think positive thoughts, give myself a quick pep talk, feel blessed for the life I do have, and keep putting in the effort to enhance it to the best of my ability. That’s it.

I think that is what the New Year is really all about anyhow: learning from the past and looking toward the future with an open mind and heart. It isn’t about list making, or regret, or ambition, or perfection. It’s about believing in the unknown. And believing in yourself enough to give yourself a break when needed.

So my only wish for myself and all of you for this New Year is…

“May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make art – write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.” –Neil Gaiman

Live with gratitude, think positively, and you just may find this to be your best your yet. HAPPY 2015 my friends!

I’d love to hear some of your resolutions, be they big or small – and more importantly, how you plan on implementing them in the New Year. Do you have any tips or strategies for sticking to your resolutions (I may just need to squirrel them away for next year!)?


Every Accomplishment Starts With The Decision To Begin - Typography by TheMotivatedType


The best advice I have ever heard is this: just begin. So many people fail to accomplish their dreams simply out of fear of starting. And more often than not, that fear of starting is derived from a fear of failing…such a vicious cycle.

I know that I fall into that cycle 100%. I’m deathly afraid of failing. I can daydream all day long, of course, and often do. I have so many ideas running around my head – I feel inspired and motivated and full of passion, but when push comes to shove, I find myself stuck in the planning phase, become overwhelmed, and…quit. Frankly, I become paralyzed by my want for perfection.

But lately, miraculously, I’m more afraid of NOT trying than of failing. Perhaps it’s my 30’s finally kicking in and lighting a little fire under my ass.

This blog, for example, is my way of beginning (again). I didn’t necessarily fail in my previous attempt, but I became overwhelmed with what I considered “the competition,” and with a fairly spirited baby that refused to nap on top of my insane want for perfection, well, I just gave up. And more than anything, I really wanted to give my all towards this whole motherhood thing.

I still want to, and am giving my all towards motherhood, but that doesn’t give me the right to neglect myself. My heart is still in sharing, and designing, and creating. And I think I would be failing my child as well as myself if I didn’t pick myself back up, dust myself off, and begin again.

When you feel like quitting, remember why you started.


I have no doubt that I will have a few hiccups along the way, and I am certain there will be moments that I am lacking inspiration, passion, a voice. And will want to quit. I may even have a few moments of radio silence. But somewhere along the way, I will remember why I started in the first place, and will find my way back.